We are pleased to announce a successful natural breeding between our two Grand Champion Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Geordi and Nexpa! Both of these dogs are large, heavy boned, heavy coated dogs that are exceptional examples of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, in every way. We are very excited to see what this litter will bring, due April 15, 2020

A quick ultrasound done for confirmation of pregnancy and not for counting easily showed 6+ puppies, but we will have to wait for the tax man to tell us the final return. 

It's been awhile since we had a litter bigger than 1 puppy here at RODEO, so we have some interest built up. Also, with the workload at hand, both the "regular" crushing tax season and the extra work due to the COVID 19 impact on our business Yosemite Stay, we aren't able to do many personal updates at this time. We will focus any extra time on Nexpa's prenatal care and monitoring. 

We are still accepting applications, but until we know the litter size, and also the genders of puppies, its hard for us to tell how many more homes we may be considering. The best plan is to go ahead and apply, if you have not already. And, unless we have been in touch in the last few days, you should also reply to let us know if anything has changed, and if you are still interested in this litter. 

We still plan to breed Nexpa's daughter Alta soon, as well as we expect to have three puppies to place from outside breedings, as our boys have been siring litters for other breeders and we will be bringing puppies home from those litters to place with our applicants. 

Keep an eye on our website for updates, on the puppy page, and also at Contact Us, to see if our dogs will be out at any shows.


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