We are currently not accepting applications except for “Kermie”.

Born March 13, 2024, Kermie is an exceptional Geordi son we are currently raising ourselves. He is available for sale to an experienced Swissy home only, on an arrangement where we can still show and breed him. For more details, see our Puppy page.

Geordi has been bred to a colleague's female. If this results in a litter, we may place one puppy, our stud puppy, with one of our applicants. If so, we will resume accepting applications soon after the litter is born. If successful, puppies will be due mid to late July 2024.

For litters whelped by us, we have bred one girl in June 2024, and would expect from her a small litter. If this pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound and shows more than one puppy, we will advertise the litter and open applications. That litter would be due in mid August 2024. For Fall 2024, we are waiting to see if when our young girls come into heat and if the timing will be suitable for a breeding.

Our Stud dogs, including Rogue and Geordi, may sire additional litters in 2024 and we typically place one puppy per litter sired with one of our own applicants.

We will use our newsletter list to keep subscribers updated on planned breedings, so please join that list to receive updates. We no longer keep applications "on file" between breedings. We have two two-year old girls who are growing up now, who may be future dams.

Updated June 20, 2024


Application to be re-posted when we resume accepting applications.

Hero x Wookie puppies, 8 weeks