We do our breedings with the goal of preserving the breed and improving upon our own breeding stock. As a small home-based breeder, we do not have regularly scheduled breedings and we usually only have one breeding girl at a time. We do not maintain a waiting list between litters, but we answer questions, meet interested owners and keep a record of people who contact us.

Breeders with upcoming breedings tend to get a long list of potential buyers built up. Meet SWISSIES and breeders and apply as early as you are able. We place puppies with people who have MET Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs in the real world (not just on the internet).

We recommend you read some of our tips on getting to know breeders. Blog post HERE. We will be happy to discuss the breed in person and introduce our dogs with any prospective families attending events on our schedule.


Breeder of AKC Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs in Central California (California Swissy Breeder)