Nexpa is the girl we kept from our "All About" litter from Wookie x Mon. Visit Nexpa's page HERE.

Nexpa's first litter, sired by Tebow, was born naturally on  August 14, 2016. We raised two puppies for 8 days and then we lost the little girl.

We have one boy, nicknamed "Highlander". Raising a single puppy litter poses a serious challenge, as humans must try to replace the socialization puppies would normally receive from littermates. Puppies learn dog interaction, bite inhibition, pain tolerance and many subtle skills from nursing, sleeping and playing with littermates. We were lucky to find another Swissy breeder with a single puppy litter. At age 2 weeks we took Highlander to be raised with another puppy at Trout Creek Swiss Mountain Dogs. Thank you Bonnie for helping us socialize our little man and taking on the raising of our puppy.

Highlander is GSMDCA Futurity/Maturity nominated.

Now known as "Connor", RODEO's Bold Highlander at Crown is owned by Mike and Amber Rusk and co-owned with us at RODEO. He lives with his dad, Tebow, in Jamestown IN.

Highlander Week 1

RIP "Bianca"


"Tebow" is a six year old male whom we have admired for many years. Studs we select possess an exceptional temperament, demonstrate good personality, pass all health tests recommended for our breed and represent our breed well in health, looks, structure and showmanship. Learn more about Tebow at his page HERE.