Snowy Mountain (RODEO) "U" Litter: "DAGEN" x "HOPE" 14 PUPPIES! 12/26/03

Hope was owned by Norman & DaLena Christensen at Snowy Mountain Farms. They involved me as their co-breeder on this litter which was a huge honor. I took Hope home to breed to Dagen at my house, whelped the litter alongside Norm & Dee, and assisted with puppy rearing at their home as well as puppy placements. An excellent mom, Hope free-whelped the entire litter-14 live, 1 stillborn. Several of the puppies went on to nice accomplishments in the show ring, including CH Snowy Mountain's U Bet Your Hayden "Hayden": my first bred-by Group placer and Top 20 dog. (Not the first for Snowy Mountain of course!) The puppies blessed their families. Many with outstanding longevity lived to be over 10, with several still alive past 12 years old.

CH Snowy Mountain's Hope

The first "RODEO" Swissy, Diamond, with our friend Alex Rudee.

CH Painted Mtn Gallant Man Dagen CGC HCT NWPD TT

Baby Sammy


CH Snowy Mountain's Uncle Sam "Sammy" shown to his championship by Norm Christensen and Holly. My first bred-by Champion, I loved showing Sammy and showed him to all his points except one major. Owned by Sara Messer.

Snowy Mountain's Untamed Icelander Auki "Auki". Major pointed from Bred-By Class. Owned by Fanney Jona and Holly Webb.

RODEO's Uncut Diamond of Snowy Mountain "Diamond". Age 12, owned by Holly Webb and Carolyn Padgham-Walker.