CH Painted Mtn Gallant Man CGC HCT NWPD TT "Dagen"

11/3/2000 - 6/18/2010

Dagen was my first Swissy. Born 11/3/2000, our bond started with our shared birthday. We were the best of friends and he was my constant companion. He introduced me to the world of dogs, including showing, drafting, obedience, packing, weight pull and more. He was a gentle giant with a huge BAROO and was well loved by many friends, especially out at the cliffs and in the world of rock climbing and Yosemite. He attended the 2002 GSMDCA National Specialty with me in Perry, GA, and traveled throughout the west, joining me on countless adventures.

While he produced 2 litters, including a Group Placing/Top 20 GSMD, we did not breed Dagen's offspring, as he produced a high incidence of elbow dysplasia. His excellent littermate Glen, CH Painted Mtn. Secretariat, is behind quite a few of the top dogs being shown and bred today, including most of our dogs' pedigrees.

Dagen's Titles:
AKC Champion (CH)
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Herding Capability Tested (HCT)
Novice Working Pack Dog (NWPD)
ATTS Temperament Tested (TT)

AKC Champion Offspring:
CH Snowy Mtn's U Bet Your Hayden
CH Snowy Mountain's Uncle Sam

AKC Pointed Offspring:
Shining Sky's Annapurna (11 points, 2 majors)
Snowy Mtn's Untamed Icelander Auki (8 points, 1 major)
RODEO's Uncut Diamond of Snowy Mtn

Litters Produced:
Snowy Mtn (RODEO) U Litter 2003
Shining Sky's A Litter 2004

Reserve Winners Dog, NW GSMD Specialty, Mt Vernon, WA. June 2003. Age 2 1/2.

Dagen's Health Clearances Official Link to Clearances at OFA Site
OFA publishes the clearances; You can see results from a independent source. Wookie passed all clearances recommended for Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs.

CH Snowy Mtn Beauregard Zuger ROM CGC TT

TC Sennenhof's Hermann

Britta of High Ridge

Ch Courtney (Rutt) ROM "Katie"



Nathan v Agerstenholz

Owl Creek Deena

CH Lone Star's Painted Mtn Zippy Ai Ay TT ROM LOM

CH Shadetree's Eisen, ROM

CH LaGross Shimmy Shake, CD, ROM

Shadetree's Bitzee, ROM

Polyanna's Lone Star Blaze, ROM

CH Sudbach's Guiness Xtra Stout, ROM

CH Sennenhof's Patricia, ROM

Dagen as a Veteran, Cascade GSMDC Specialty, September 2008.