News from North Rim and Beyond

Wookie is so happy to be home at the North Rim! She especially is so happy to be re-united with Jeff. Since she can still do all her normal activities, although we are making sure its in small doses, she enjoyed a few unicycles this week with Jeff.

Wookie and I have been hunting horned lizards and Kaibab squirrels (for appreciation and logging the number we see this year, not for "hunting") and she has been enjoying sunning herself on the deck and romping in meadows. We visit the North Rim Helicopter Pad daily.

In news from the other side of the country, the father to the puppies, Mon, recently won a group placement at a dog show! This is a rare accomplishment for a Swissy, generally less than 20 Swissies per year achieve a group placement. Here is the photo of the gorgeous Mon. We are so excited that his kids will be born into our hands.

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