2019 NOHS Series Wrap Up

The AKC's 2019 National Owner-Handled Series is wrapping up. There are a few days left in the series and no dog shows in California, so this completes our participation for the 2019 year. The dogs in the Top 10 for the country will get an invitation to the AKC National Championships in Orlando, Florida, held in December 2019. Our very own Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge is sitting in the #6 spot for now, so we expect that he will earn an invitation.

Finishing his championship in early June, Geordi was only able to fully participate in this series for 4 out of the 12 months. He placed in the Owner-Handled Groups 6 times, out of a total of 10 times attending. He placed 2nd three times, 3rd twice, and 4th once. We are elated that he could do so well, and at under 21 months old, and to make the top 10 in such a short amount of time. Thank you to all the judges who recognized our young pup!

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