Count Down

We are counting down the days now. Wookie's due date, May 29, 2014, is just over one week away. We are kind of guessing she will have the pups at least a little early, so we figure in less than one week from now, we will be making some birth announcements. This week we lost another really great friend, our second in two months and third this year. As such, we have decided that while all puppies will get collars with a color that we use to identify them (blue boy, pink girl, etc) that we will be nicknaming all or most puppies with litter names to honor the fabulous friends that have left big holes in our hearts. We have the names written down and will just be waiting to see a little "Richie" and "Leary" in our litter, plus more. Wookie is slowing down and her walks are getting shorter as her mamma shape makes long walks hard on her "udder". She is nesting in her whelping box a little, which Jeff made for her this weekend, Snowy Mountain Style.

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