Holly and Jeff Webb, with Geordi. December 2021.

We are members in good standing of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, the Golden State Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club and Yosemite Kennel Club.

RODEO is a responsible breeder of AKC Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, based in Oakhurst, CA, at the Gateway to Yosemite National Park.

Swissy owners since 2001 and breeders since 2003, we produce quality Swissies, with a focus on temperament, health and structural soundness.

As Preservation Breeders, we strive to produce dogs that conform to the AKC Breed Standard, with all the clear and recognizable traits of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, to include: A striking, tri-colored, large, powerful, confident dog of sturdy appearance. Heavy boned, well muscled, with a dense topcoat and, as a double coated breed, with undercoat always present. A bold, faithful, willing worker. Alert and vigilant.

Geordi x Nexpa puppy "Summit", 2020

Home of Best In Show, Multiple Best in Specialty Show, Multiple Group Winning, Platinum Grand Champion

CedarCove's Geordi RODEO Next Generation

2023 GSMDCA Top 20 People's Choice Winner

2023 #6 GSMD and Multiple AKC Group Placer

2022 #2 GSMD and 15 times AKC Group Placer

2021 #2 GSMD, 12 times AKC Group Placer and AKC Nat'l Championship Breed Winner